California Tacos takes the flavor and culture of Mexican food, gives it a modern twist, and serves it up with a side of sass. Our family recipes are made with fresh ingredients and a ton of love, so come join us and let's taco 'bout it!


Come join the California Tacos Family! We bring the best of Southern California to our guests with our amazing attitudes and passion for customer service. We always make sure our customers have fun while they dine with us, and we make sure they have an extraordinary experience that can only be found here in SoCal. Our family recipes are full of flavor and spice, and our modern twist on Mexican cuisine will leave you wanting more!

About Us

Are you an entrepreneur looking to make a splash in the Mexican food industry in Australia? If so, then California Tacos is the perfect franchise for you! Since 2013, California Tacos has won every single Mexican Food competition out there, including being voted BEST MEXICAN restaurant by the Restaurant & Catering Association. Our "multiple revenue" stream has made California Tacos one of the hottest franchises in Australia in 2023. With options to have a food truck, world class digital marketing and training our restaurant profitability has blown the experts away. With world class marketing, hugely successful catering division & the latest in restaurant technology, our system simply out performs our competitors without the price tag of the major franchises. So come join us and experience the difference California Tacos can make to your business today!

Whats the only thing better than eating

California Tacos?

Easy. Thats owning your own!

Born in San Diego, California and brought directly to the Gold Coast in 2013. This award winning restaurant is ready to take on new entrepreneurs who are ready to own their own fast paced restaurant.

Join The Fiesta!



Our restaurants are a fun, packed madhouse! Awesome music that have you singin' along to your favourite tunes! Award winning food with even better atmosphere... Don't eat too much, cause we have wicked margaritas and a flavour for everyone!


Food Trucks

Say Hola to our little friend! This highly profitable WAR MACHINE makes a scene at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events all over the Gold Coast & Brisbane! With our advanced marketing techniques- "La Bamba" is booked out most weekends!

Your own food truck as a satellite option for your California Tacos restaurant will significantly increase profitability.



Is this a Franchise?

Yes, we are a franchise, but with one MAJOR difference. Unlike your big "Mexican" chains, we take a modest % of the gross sales. We do not believe that the harder YOU work, the more WE earn. Thats BS!

We believe the BEST way to grow your business is for you to earn money based on YOUR hard work and dedication to your restaurant.

Do I Need Restaurant Experience?

Depends! And anyone who wants to open a restaurant without ever having worked on one is just INSANE!! With that being said, being a former business owner / manager is a must if you want to successfully run your restaurant.

What Do I Need To Be Considered?

👉 Your Own Location & Lease

👉 Business Experience

👉 Funding or Access To Finance

👉 Owner/Operator

👉A "Go Get Em'' Attitude

👉 We Have A Strong: No D*ck Heads Policy

How Much Will A Restaurant Cost?

Restaurants can be an expensive business. But if done right, its a smart investment.

The cost of opening a California Tacos restaurant will depend on a number of factors including location and restaurant size.

Typically a new California Tacos restaurant will require an investment between $150k - $450k.

YES, we have financing available

What Are The Fees?

👍 $69, 500 +GST for the initial fee (includes all training, POS systems, Staff Uniforms etc.)

👍 6.5% of turnover

This works out to a fraction of the cost of a GYG, Zambreros, Salsas or Mad Mex!

This Model Keeps Money In Your Pocket!

Good Business = Good Money!

How much can I expect to earn?

Earnings from a store can vary widely and California Tacos cannot estimate the results of any particular Franchisee. Success is based on a number of factors; the most important of which is the excellence in operational standards upheld by the Franchisee. There are business risks involved in starting any new business and earnings are not predictable.

How Else Can I Earn?

FOOD TRUCK! Yes, you heard us correct! Adding a food truck to your existing restaurant is an AMAZING way to boost sales, move stocks and expand your business! We have extensive experience in managing food trucks. Including marketing, proprietary bookings systems etc!

Will I be responsible for hiring staff?

Yes. This is your business and one of the most critical factors that contribute to success in business is hiring the right people. Whilst California Tacos will train your staff to recreate our exceptional menu, it is your responsibility to find, hire and retain the best people.

When could I be up and running?

You could open your new store in as little as 3 months. You need to allow for 6 weeks to build the store and a further two weeks for training and supplier connections. Your cooperation with the Licensing team will ensure your application progresses as quickly as possible.

What Type Of Training Do We Provide?

California Tacos executive offers FULL support for all our California Tacos Partners. This includes:

  • Full Training at our Burleigh Heads Store

  • Easy to Follow Recipes Guides

  • Advanced Digital Marketing: SMS Marketing, Facebook Ads, Messenger Marketing, Birthday Targeting

  • Full Marketing Blue Print

  • CA Tacos App

  • POS Set Up & Training

  • Full Food Distribution Network- MINIMAL PREP NEEDED

  • Kitchen Designed to Operate Without A Chef

  • Executive Team Will Help You Open Your New Store!

  • Food Truck Set Up (Optional)

  • Full Marketing Services for Food Truck (optional)

Done for you recipes and food distribution network... Thats right! We will make most ingredients off-site and send to you. NO NEED FOR A CHEF!

Territories Available Throughout Australia!

Current Locations

Burleigh Heads, QLD

Caloundra, QLD

Townsville, QLD

Broadbeach, QLD

West End Brisbane
(Coming Soon)